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Scope of Supply

Supply of machinery and replacement parts from all major European brands


Mining equipment – complete plants, perforation gear, mobile mills, protection chains, wheel and chain loaders, electric fuses and resistances, crushing hammers, high chromium grinding media.


Ball mills (hammer, impact, jaws, etc.), coal mills, separation diaphragms, engagements, bearings, linings, forged steel hammers, high chromium grinding media, replacement parts for all equipment.


Laminates, anti-abrasive protectors, classifiers, dosage equipment, coaches, homogenisers, fans, conveyors (chain, screw, vibrators, etc.), pumps, sieves, sieve meshes, magnetic separators, tyres, cyclones, replacement parts for all equipment.


Burners, calcination equipment, clinker coolers, refractory chains, kiln sealants, shot fans, kiln rollers, kiln tyres, kiln alignment (warm and cold), lubrication systems, kiln crown wheels, special lubricants for kiln crown wheels, optimisation of clinker coolers.


Electrical installations, installation of measuring systems, sensors, PLC.


Analytical equipment, gas analysers, kiln scanners, granularity measurement equipment, spectrographic analysis equipment, laboratory reagents, temperature measurement equipment (with and without contact).

Air filters, abrasion protection, filter sleeves, filter cartridges, powder collectors, vibrators, air cannons, explosion protection doors, process fans.
Bucket transporters, tyres, cloths for pneumatic transport, bucket elevators (chain, screw, etc.), cranes, bags, conveyors, palletisers, shrink & stretch hood machines, automatic truck loader, lineal & rotary filling machines, FFS machines.
Electrical components, special lubricants and oils, mechanical repairs, reducers, electric and diesel motors, transmissions, rigid and elastic couplings.


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