Commercial Division

We are specialists in the provision of machinery, equipment and replacement parts from Europe and elsewhere.

Quality and Customer Care

We are quick to respond to our customers, providing the best quality service and materials through an organisation based on minimum administration costs and on-time deliveries, avoiding high storage costs.

We provide continuous follow-up of each order from the moment the order is placed until delivery, according to the terms of sale, with particular emphasis on meeting manufacturing and delivery times.

International Connectivity

Our widespread international connections, detailed knowledge of the market and elevated purchase volumes with different manufacturing companies enable us to obtain advantageous prices for our customers. This, combined with our fast and economic means of transport and minimum administrative and representation costs, is the basis of our highly productive service. We maintain our own office and packing personnel, guaranteeing that your orders are securely packed and arrive at their destination safely.


If you want, we consolidate your orders in our european warehouse. By consolidating several purchase orders, we can send everything in a single shipment, reducing handling charges as well as obtaining better freight rates; no minimum rates apply. We have our own packaging staff, and each order is received, photographed, checked, inspected, tested if necessary and packed securely so that it arrives at its final destination safely. We ship according to our customers’ preferences: by air, sea, a combination of both, lorry or express courier. No location is ever too far away and nothing is too complicated; our skilled and experienced staff can deal with everything.

No location is ever too far away and nothing is too complicated; our skilled and experienced staff can deal with everything.

Quality Control

We work with companies such as SGS Control Co, Caleb & Brett and Germanischer Lloyd, etc., to carry out product quality inspections when additional assurance is required or the customer requests it.

Engineering Division

Impartial consultancy on the assembly of new and used equipment from any supplier; repairs and maintenance of equipment and replacement parts of equal or better quality than the original parts, with the endorsement of the manufacturers we represent.

Inspection and diagnosis of cement industry line-of-business equipment, modernisation, modification and optimisation of basic equipment for the cement industry such as kilns, all types of coolers, mills, etc.

Kiln alignment (cold and hot), centring measurement, roller axis deflection, verification of rim diameter and roller during kiln operation.

Rim and roller machining on rotary kilns and machining in general, including repair of turbines of all types.

Process engineering, design, calculation, optimisation, etc.

Instrumentation and process control, design of hardware and configuration of software.

Installation and startup of control systems in any industrial process plant, distributed control systems and latest generation PLC.


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