We have steadily developed an extensive network of companies in our constant quest to satisfy our customers. We deliver a wide range of machinery, to Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America and the Caribbean, from a single specific machine to a complete production line, all customised to your requirements. Our extensive knowledge and experience in foreign markets plus our committed and comprehensive cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers enable us to obtain the best solutions for our customers, in everything from simple industrial processes to complex automated production lines.

For us, this means assuming responsibility for our customers, from project design through assembly, startup, after-sales service and supply of replacement parts and consumables. Over the years, our strategy has demonstrated that excellent service and committed cooperation with our customers lead to mutual satisfaction and long-lasting business relationships.

We have partnered several spanish and european manufacturers in order to provide the most extensive and reliable range of products. Our excellent reputation has spurred our enthusiasm to supply high quality machinery, as well as professional engineering and consulting services. We do much more than supply machinery; we deliver quality, starting by listening to your needs, be they replacement parts, equipment or complete machines, to delivery and installation at the final destination. We offer all these services within a single organisation and logistics system.

Our world is changing rapidly; distances are decreasing while needs are steadily rising. The challenge of the 21st century lies in the constant need for new and modern solutions. Our response is to continually keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies. We always focus on your requirements, not only seeking the best solution in the short term but also considering future developments and needs; the best solution for both your present and your future needs. We believe this guarantees reliable and long-lasting cooperation between suppliers, customers and ourselves, from now into the future.

Delivering a professional after-sales service for machinery and industrial plants is an immense responsibility, but one which we happily assume, ensuring that our customers always have access to highly qualified technical personnel for the installation of new machinery or replacement of old machinery.

Our team of technicians is trained to install and startup all equipment, whether on their own or in collaboration with the product manufacturers and assemblers. In addition, we train plant staff in the operation of newly installed equipment, ensuring trouble-free operation and the desired performance.

We are only a phone call, a letter or an email away. Contact us for a quick and professional solution tailored to your particular needs.


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